Geri Halliwell has changed the streets of London, where the last week we saw walking with her small daughter, Bluebell Madonna, for the warm beaches of the French Riviera. However, these holidays will be very different from the last year, despite having the same scenario of Fund.

Several British newspapers have confirmed the breakup of the former Spice Girl with Aristocrat Henry Beckwith, and although none of the players taken in this regard, Geri enjoys the splendid French sunshine with only his daughter company. Small, with a pink dress and hat to game, played at the arena with a bucket of Hello Kitty and surely assumed of 'supermama' when he saw the singer (who looks like a slender figure in bikini) to practice water skiing with great skill.

Geri Halliwell

The cause of the alleged separation between Geri and Henry, seven years younger than she, could have been the lack of commitment of the aristocrat coupled with his reputation for womanizing. "Henry didn't marry or have a family." In addition, Geri not trusted him", said a source close to the son of the millionaire real estate developer, John Beckwith."

Geri Halliwell

It seemed that Geri had found in Henry emotional stability needed after the fleeting romance held five years ago with the screenwriter Sacha Gervasi, father of her daughter, Bluebell Madonna. But nothing further from the truth. Everything points to the former Spice Girl is single again after two and a half years of courtship with the aristocrat although only time will tell if it's a short break or not.

Recently, Geri introduced its new line of clothes for the Next signing, which already previously designed bathing suits. On this occasion, he created six more glamorous party dresses and claimed to be delighted with the result. And while he follows his girlfriend Victoria Beckham in the fashion world, it also has time to record songs for their fourth album.

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